Consulting Services

Senior/Junior Engineer (Remote)

Work Type: Full Time
This position is for a Senior or Junior Engineer position of the JuliaHub Consulting Services Group which supports all variety of JuliaSim customers.  This group develops many specialized solutions for a diverse set of customers and industries with a focus on: System Modeling, SciML, and Controls.  
In this position you will perform consulting work for customers, primarily producing mathematical models of their products (either future or existing) with a large range of goals including assisting new product development, failure analysis, control system design, etc.  You will be responsible for projects, working with the respective business’ engineering teams, to provide engineering guidance and direction of the model development and finally delivering a packaged system model for use by the customer.

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:
  • Model Development, Application, and Optimization: Analyze a product/system, break down the system to the fundamental physics, providing judgment of applicable levels of fidelity, and build a representative model.  Use model to perform analysis, identify key parameters, suggest creative solutions, and finally communicate the optimized design specifications.
  • Modeling Direction: Identify areas of weakness in the model: Suggests and/or directs experiments (either physical or simulation) or research to fill in gaps in the model.  Successfully apply SciML in areas where accuracy increases are needed but physics are unknown. Identifies areas for efficiency boosts in model computation by eliminating un-needed complexity.
  • Communication: Periodically prepares adequate reports, charts, and other data required to report project status to customers.

Knowledge, Skills, & Ability Required:

  • Master’s/PhD in Mechanical Engineering.
  • Comprehensive knowledge in most areas of mechanical engineering with emphasis in control, dynamics, thermo-fluids, and numerical methods. 
  • Minimum of 5 years experience required in industry.
  • Experience with 1D System Modeling (i.e. Julia ModelingToolkit.jl (preferred),  Matlab Simulink/Simscape, Modelica, etc).
  • Experience with programming (Julia preferred, Fortran, C, Python, etc.), CI/CD (git, etc.).
  • Ability to properly and adequately communicate both verbal and written instruction and ideas to others.

Working Conditions:
Prefer candidates from Boston, MA or High Wycombe, UK or Darmstadt, Germany. Frequent domestic and international travel may be required.

Reporting Relationship:
Reports to Consulting Director

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