Systems Programmer (Remote)

Preferable Location(s): Boston, United States of America
Work Type: Full Time

We are looking for somebody to help develop the Julia language runtime, libraries, and system interface. This work will have a direct impact on our goal of allowing users to write simple, high-level code and deploy their programs under a range of requirements. Possible areas of focus include performance engineering, I/O subsystem design, and tooling for building and modifying dynamic libraries. You will get to publish most of your work as open source, and many of the projects are already present in the julia code repository on GitHub.

JuliaHub's mission is to develop products that bring Julia's superpowers to its customers. JuliaHub's flagship product is JuliaHub, a secure, cloud based, software-as-a-service platform for developing Julia programs, deploying them, and scaling to thousands of nodes. JuliaHub was founded in 2015 by the creators of the Julia programming language for artificial intelligence, machine learning, analytics, data science, modeling, and simulation.


Expert-level C programming is essential, and some C++ knowledge is a plus

Knowledge of Linux internals

Windows and macOS knowledge is a plus but not required

Ideally will have experience with topics such as:

  • kernel development
  • language runtime development
  • debugging program faults
  • benchmarking and performance analysis
  • threading systems, particularly scheduling and synchronizing
  • IO and networking theories (e.g. queueing and back-pressure)
  • libc specifics and their quirks
  • dynamic linkers and their quirks
  • build systems

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